Fundable Business Plan

In this course, I will explain in details, the steps you need to take to write a detailed business plan that will attract funding for your business venture. It comprises of videos, pdf documents, assignments and worksheets to help take you from a novice business plan writer to an expert in business plan writing.

The best part is, you do not need to leave the comfort of your home to achieve this. Classes are online and we will have a closed Facebook support group where everyone can share their ideas. You have a lifetime access to this course so you can go over the course as many times as you wish.
You get to pitch to actual investors who will fund your business plans

Course Information

Course Instructor

Chigozie Bashua Chigozie Bashua Author


3 years of access


per month for 2 total payments
3 years of access

Company Description

Products & Services

Industry Analysis & Market

Marketing Plan

SWOT Analysis


Operations Plan

Human Strategy/Management

Financial Plan

Executive Summary


Bonus videos on getting your videos online

Weekly Live Sessions

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TEF 2020

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