I'm Chigozie Bashua,

Your Business Planning Specialist

I teach Business Owners how to plan and fund their businesses.

Are you struggling with writing a business plan and accessing funding?

My Super Abilities

I show you how to plan your business so you can see the big picture of your idea, transform that idea to a real business and build a solid foundation using the process of business plan writing.

That’s not all!

If you are pitching to investors, I will give you bonus pitch deck slides for your presentation. 

I ensure my clients have their information at their fingertips and turn their mustard seed idea to an extraordinary business.

There’s More……

I review application grants!!!

Yes, I have won several grants if you are wondering……

Let me help you get that money for your business.

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Other aspects of my services

I review grants applications so you can get funding for your business if you are looking for external funding.

I have won several grants for my business and i’m still raising funds through grants for scaling of production.

If you are looking for an expert for that job, i’m here to help.

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